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Hi! I'm Magna, the owner and lead photographer of Magna Arnott Photography or MAP for short, because trust me, we'll be going on an adventure together. I've been in business since 2012, and have years of experience in editorial work, weddings, and specialized portraits. My office is located in quaint town of Elmvale, Ontario, but I love to travel (especially to mountains)! I'm passionate about connecting with fellow entrepreneurs who are pursuing their dreams. I believe every business owner has something important to offer the world, and I'd love to showcase it! 

- eve martin

Doing Photos With magna Felt So Natural. 

- saved by grace
- mountain seeker
- dog lover
- youth pastor
- tea drinker
- dark chocolate lover
- hopeful romantic

the fun facts:

- EM Artisan

Doing Photos With Her Felt So Natural. She Makes You Feel Comfortable In A Way That Makes You Feel Like You’ve Been Good Friends For Awhile! Would Definitely Recommend! The Whole Experience And Outcome With Magna Is So Great!


"the whole experience with magna is so great!"

Torres Finacial

"I have been following her incredible work for years, and I was blown away by her creative touch! Very pleased with her professionalism." 

"I was blown away by her creative touch."

Enough about me, I'd love to hear more about you! 
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